I was born on June 10th 1955 in Bastia Umbra, where I now live and perform my professional activity, at the address Via Bastiola 145. I graduated at the University of Florence, at the Department of Architecture, on March 27th 1980. I've been working in this field as a professional since October 1980. Moreover, I am a member of the architects of the Province of Perugia (patent n° 276). Over the years I have mainly worked on architectural and urban planning, also exercising my profession abroad, in Warsaw, Poland, from 1990 to 1993. When I came back to Italy, from 1993 to 1999, I have been President of Agriumbria, managing the activities of the regional fair and trade center "L. Maschiella" in Bastia Umbra.

Since 1999, I have been interested in Bioedile Design, deepening my understanding of subjects as FENG-SHUI and GEOBIOLOGY, which analyze and study all the natural electromagnetic fields that produce harmful effects on human health. On these issues I have also given courses and lectures in various cities of Italy.


Directly or through professionals and building contractors, my office offers all services related to the construction industry in general. In particular:

1 – Architecture and sustainable architecture;
2 – Urban Design;
3 – Interior Design
4 – Geobiology-based design, analysis and consulting for projects
5 – Project management and work direction
6 – Dowsing services for water, faults, aquifers and Hartmann grid
7 – Bioenergetic Balancing for Rooms and Buildings.