The notes in this section of the site obviously not cover all elements and factors that combine to create imbalances in our health, but are intended to create a new sensitivity and attention to the environment in which we live: home, place work, neighborhood, town, city. Also providing food for thought that, despite the large number of studies and experiments carried out in recent decades have demonstrated the pathogenic effects of telluric rays on human health, the so-called "official science" has not yet taken care to pay attention to these factors by intervening significantly on the quality of our environment. More food for thought that emerges from these few lines is that the house is the mirror of ourselves, is our "third skin" and, therefore, must be cared for as if it were part of us, loved and harmonized on the basis of our energy.

It's very important, therefore, home living in a serene way, honor and respect, because it is one with ourselves. But this awareness springs from another immediately: to think that the serious problems of pollution and environmental impoverishment that choke our planet are resolved by themselves, is unacceptable. If we really want to repair the damage we have caused in the past hundred years, you must learn to live in a respectful in our retreat, so that the problems that affect the macrocosm can find a response. Then we must begin to live, and live, following the ecological principles that depart from everyday life, from respect for our city, our neighborhood, our home. Trying to position ourselves in a state of harmony with the earth, the cosmos, the other, the natural world, plant and animal. Respecting the only thing that existed when the universe was created: LIFE.