The bedroom is the most important room in the house because you spend about 1/3 of our lives. Sleep is an important biological process of eating and drinking. No one would survive without sleep and the children could not grow. While we sleep we reload, we recover energy, we rest the body and we clean it, expelling the toxins accumulated during the day and producing new cells that go to replace the old. Furthermore, during sleep, in the absence of light, our body, through the pineal gland produces melatonin, a very important hormone that acts positively against stress.
Man is the only animal that suffers from insomnia.

The RHYTHM cicardian, ie daily, is the regulator of sleep and wakefulness, is the track to follow to find harmony with nature in other moments of our lives.
Many processes in our body, such as temperature change, the production of hormones and enzymes, neurological and endocrine function, are governed by cicardiani rhythms.
Sleeping man enters into a state of absolute solitude and, failing to understand the sleep, she had deep fear of this mysterious event, associating fear of sleep, the fear of death. The infinite world of sleep is as real as that of wakefulness, but otherwise active.

Sleep is an active function of the organism and during sleep CEASE ACTIVITY 'OF THE BRAIN. Varying heart rate, breathing and body heat.
Sleep consists of 4 more REM phases lens that matches the dream.
Man uses 30% of sleep to dream even though most of the time does not remember.
The phases are:
1 – Slight
2 – Light
3 – Deeper difficult to awaken
4 – Deeper difficult to awaken
5 – REM nearest step to waking.

REM sleep occupies periods of 20 minutes each 90/120 minutes, is associated to the dream, the erection and teeth grinding. Today sleep is a problem for 20% of Italians.
Insomnia also stems from the inability to relax, to overcome the emotions of the day. When we sleep, we lose 2/3 of our energy resistance than the waking state, then we are more exposed to the geo-pathogenic agents. And 'why it is very important to properly evaluate the position of the bed, avoiding the disturbed areas.
Like animals, man has always preferred to sleep in places not easily accessible and well protected, possibly in the company, and a time, thanks to his instinct, was perfectly able to choose energetically healthy places in which to rest. Unfortunately, over the centuries, this innate sensitivity was lost and so often today, the bedroom is located in an area with no harmful energy that who occupies it has even the slightest perception.
When the bed is affected by the troubled areas, the person late to bed, falls asleep with difficulty, he continues to turn in on itself and may be subject to cramps.
How to avoid these problems? First, it would be good that an experienced judge the presence of knots H in correspondence of the bed, which possibly should be shifted. Second, you need to avoid in the bedroom any interference that might disturb our rest.
Special attention should be paid to the efficient thermal insulation of the room, at the right moisture balance of air and noise abatement.
equipment that can generate electromagnetic fields: television, computer, clock radios, hi-fi, cell phones, etc, especially if placed on tables next to the bed (which should also be clear of unnecessary objects) should be absolutely avoided.

Other tricks to keep in mind are:
– Avoid the beds with metal parts, iron nets and spring mattresses, since these elements act as an antenna attracting EMFs.
– Avoid mirrors that reflect, during sleep, the waves emitted by geopathogenic zones, in addition to dampen the waves produced in a state of deep sleep (REM), which reduces the quality of sleep.
– Avoid placing the floor below, at the bedrooms, large metal masses (boilers, machine tools, automobiles, etc.) that cause displacement of the Hartmann grid walls.
– Ground the electrical system of the house. It would be great to install an electric circuit breaker (disconnection switch) that eliminates at night the passage of electricity in the bedroom.
To improve sleep quality, there are other "empirical" practices, belonging to the knowledge of our grandparents: bowls with sea salt, charcoal, talismans, carved items under the bed; crucifixes, icons or various symbols above the headboard; candles in oil dishes and other items geared toward well-defined axes on the bedside tables. It seems that these

According to the ancient Egyptians the position with the head to the north and the south foot favors the fluidity of blood circulation, while the one with the head to the east and feet west would improve the supply of life force. In reality these two beliefs are linked to two different aspects: the first is connected with the terrestrial magnetism, the second with the rising of the sun. With the head to the north, in fact, it improves blood circulation because the hemoglobin contained therein, consisting of ferrous particles, is attracted like a magnet to the north. In this way, therefore, the blood circulation reaches adequately to the brain, improving the quality of sleep and eliminating the sense of fatigue and disorientation that in many cases is present on waking.

Head to the east is mainly linked to the spiritual symbolism of birth and death; in fact, to the east the sun rises every morning and then go to die in the west in the evening; This life cycle is repeated every day.

Also the orientation of the room to the east exploits the beneficial energy of the first sunlight that passes through windows, bacteriological improve air quality.
The feng-shui, finally, states that during sleep the head is positioned according to its energy:
a fire element will be oriented to the south, a north water, a metal west or northwest, a wooden east or south-east, a land in the north-east or south-west.