The word comes from the greek rabdos, wand, and mantis, soothsayer. It 'a very ancient discipline, born about 4,000 years ago, which allows using a hazel wand Y-shaped, to find the aquifers underground and the areas affected by the telluric rays. The term was coined by Abbot Dowsing L. de Vallemont (The occult physique, ou Traité dela divinatoire baguette, Paris 1693) which gave a full exposition of the methods then adopted in Europe in the use of the wand. Dowsing has been officially recognized only in 1913, by the Academy of Sciences of France. Modern Dowsing is often called Radionics (Dr. Albert Abrams, American, 1935), it has developed more and more advanced forms of the original wand of hazel.
In ancient times, only people who had developed a special sensitivity could exercise this profession. The equipment of the dowser were constituted by a core rod and a cone-shaped cap, with flaps that covered the folded ears upward. The dowsers, at the ancient Western civilizations, the Egyptians and the Chinese, were paid by the state to carry out their work, they were state officials.

Geomancy is still practiced to this day in many countries (black africa, asia, Islamic countries) and depending on the technique, it is intended primarily for:
1- Determine if the site is conducive to the construction of a house;
2- What should be the orientation;
3- Establish the day and time of commencement of the work.

Although dowsing is an ancient discipline. The term comes from the Latin radius, radius, and the greek aistesis, perception, and the perception of the beam, or energy and its vibrations. This is an evolution of dowsing that studies the effects of the cosmic and earth energies produced in humans and which is divided into two schools of thought: one French, defined mental dowsing, and the German one, called Radioestesia paraphysics. The first uses as a research tool the pendulum, to which the operator puts mentally questions and get answers from which interpreting the German oscillazioni.Quella, however, try to eliminate the mental influences operator using as a tool the Biotensor, a 'precise and sensitive antenna especially useful from a medical point of view to test which foods are energetically compatible with the patient. The biotensor is also used to locate the energetically destabilizing areas.

The principle states that is in relationship with ourselves. A positive thought brings back other positive events, while negative thinking attracts like a magnet of unforeseeable negative events. Therefore it is important that our attitudes tend to improve ourselves.

And 'the study of the historical energy accumulated by each material. Is based on the principle that feelings, thoughts and personality of an individual imprinted in the physical objects and the environment and that these energies can be read in time.

Geo means earth, Bio means life, and logy means study, ie the study of the influences of the earth life.

He studies the relationship between man and environment and in particular the effects generated by the natural electromagnetic fields and the telluric rays on the health of living organisms, identifying energetically destabilizing areas.

Studies, in fact, the relationship that exists between the Earth – Man – Cosmo, evaluating the psychological and physical interactions occurring between the geophysical characteristics of a particular place and the living organisms that live there (man, animal, plant).

It is also called "habitat medicine."

It defined a new science as a result of research by many scientists and doctors from the beginning of the last century, but in fact is a very ancient discipline, well-known by the Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans, Celts.

The practice that the ancients applied is that of dowsing, used to detect metal-bearing veins, underground rivers and natural geomagnetic disturbances that were considered the mystery of the invisible forces of nature.

In the last century various researches have led scholars to consider the possibility that some diseases could appear in relation to the place where he lived.

In fact, various studies have started from statistical considerations: in some neighborhoods, buildings or houses, were present to a greater extent and continuous cases of diseases that were repeated over time by investing also several people who still, albeit in different time periods, they lived in that particular place.

The result of research led to the identification of natural factors which affected substantially on the psychophysical status of persons.

It was discovered that over-exposure of the human body to these factors generated mainly a weakened immune system.

They were discovered disturbing elements who have been assigned the definition of geopatie.

Geopatia means disease of the earth.

Most of the researches were conducted with radiestetici methods and, in some cases, with electronic instrumentation.

Applying the dowsing as the main method of investigation, there has been a certain skepticism from the scientific community, of course, does not recognize this discipline as an exact science.

In fact, the risk you run with the application of dowsing is that research can be influenced by the operator's mind, but, being a discipline known for thousands of years, I am convinced that we can give credit to this methodology, where, how in all things, it is the ability of the operator and centering to make a difference.


The feng shui, of Chinese origin, can be compared to the discipline of geomancy applied in the past in the Western world.

Feng shui literally means wind and water, which represent two forces of nature that have a dynamic effect on the environment, an effect that can be enjoyable, but also violent and uncontrollable.

The wind is a heavenly and active force, while the water is smooth and deep ground force; born from their encounter a multitude of landscapes.

The cosmic order and the human order are governed by the same law.

The universal harmony is the proper relationship between the world (macrocosm) and the individuality of man (microcosm).

Feng shui is an art millenarian applied in China also called "medicine of habitat", which deals with the construction of the buildings, the layout of the rooms, the layout of the furniture and objects to improve energy and harmony of places of work and life.

She teaches how to live in harmony with the earth, identifying the invisible energy flows, considered like the meridians of the human body, which are the basis of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

It is based on the principle that there are two types of energy currents of opposite polarities, one masculine and positive Yang and negative Yin the female, these two energies must be in harmonious balance.

Yin and Yang do not belong to opposing categories, but they are part of a whole in motion; when the yang reaches its maximum, it retracts in favor of the yin and vice versa, creating a continuous and harmonious movement based on an order of dynamic equilibrium.

Yin and Yang are the balance symbol of the two natural forces that complement each other; both sides need each other, and are naturally one o'clock the image of the other, there is no hot without cold, the female without the male, nor the night without the day.

The vital energy is called Qi, which runs along the ground like the meridians that acupuncture has identified in the human body.

Qi is the beneficial natural flow, while the Sha Qi is an unhealthy exhalation of nature, is the art of living according to the rhythms and seasons.

Every room in the house is a part of us in life, the entrance is our openness to the world, the bedroom is our most intimate, the stay is our relationships with others, the kitchen our attachment to the family the bathroom our energy to live life.

Qi enters the front door and circulates to all environments, in its path should not find obstacles and its strength and intensity varies depending on the cardinal point where there's the front door, the one from the south will be the strongest.

To assess whether the ch'i flows easily into your home, you can do a test: parts from the entrance door, are learning to walk and visit all the rooms of your house; if there is something that prevents you from walking easily, like a piece of furniture, a door opens with difficulty because maybe behind it there is a closet, or any other element that acts as a barrier, it means that even the non-ch'i flowing smoothly.

There are several feng shui schools, each of which applies the patterns and the different concepts.