They define geopathic sources and geopathogenic all natural factors that generate flows and electromagnetic fields and not, which interfere with our body and affect our health.

These sources are of cosmic origin with mainly electrical characteristics and terrestrial origin with prevailing magnetic characteristics.

A part of the network of Curry, of cosmic origin, that of most known land-based sources is the Hartmann network, but there are also many other pollutants that are harmful geopathic sources for health.

The man is continuously exposed to a series of radiation coming from the cosmos and the earth.
To live, we need both, but it is very important to estimate the amount of energy we absorb too many or too few are causing damage to our health.
The radiation coming from the land are defined RAYS TELLURIC, while those coming from the cosmos cosmic rays.
Most of telluric rays are ionizing and not undergo special shielding, while cosmic rays are filtered from the stratosphere.
The stars send us to electromagnetic waves that propagate in a vacuum to the speed of light (300,000 km / sec).
The Earth's atmosphere is a filter which passes down to us only of visible light waves, some reduced range of infrared and ultraviolet rays, and a part of radio wave.
The visible light waves are the ones that sometimes we see decomposed into different wavelengths, in the form of rainbow.
Ultraviolet waves, X and gamma waves are studied astrophysics.
They are ozone stops because their rays would reach the cell nucleus generating serious organic disorders. And 'why the ozone hole produces serious damage.
The main origin of cosmic influences:
1- Natural ionization of the place under the radioactive effect of the penetration of the sun's rays;
2- The solar gains;
3- The planetary influences.

The telluric rays, as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of the soils, influence the biological balance human cell. These rays, which always move upward and that can be identified in precise points, are, together and in conjunction with other factors, important sources of problems for human health. Geopatia means disease of the earth.

The main influences of land-based sources:
1- Nature of the ground – absorbent or reflective properties;
2- The climate;
3- Altitude;
4- Presence of trees;
5- Water;
6- Rocks;
7- Accumulations of metals and oil;
8- chemical and physical action of the soil;
9- Origin underground (tectonic, magnetic, gravimetric)
The people who drink rainwater and live in poor soils of limestone, are subject to fracture.
The clays cause intermittent influences.
Sali abundance of calcareous soil causes kidney stones and bladder problems.
The humid regions, swampy and sunny little cause goiter.
The volcanic subsoils produce cerebral hypertension.
In humid areas are more frequent cases of idiocy and epilepsy.
In arid regions with calcareous soil and granitic cause madness.
In lowland areas and granite on which the wind blows from the west, sensitizes stutterers.

GEORGES LOKHOVKY shows that the land that best promote the development of cancer, often have higher education and have alluvial origin character.
Are marshes, bogs, clay soil, limestone or rich in phosphates, pyrite, iron ore or marl was sworn that the wet soils or along waterways.
Points unsuitable development of cancer are often dry and at high altitude, rich in magnesium carbonate.

The sun is the star that has the most influence on us.
Enlightens us, it warms us and without it there would be no life.
Many of the phenomena that characterize solar activity are violent.
electrical particles leave the sun, attracted by our two magnetic bodies, and hitting the atmosphere make it brighter causing the aurora borealis.
Another manifestation of the solar magnetic field is the appearance of stains visible to the naked eye on its surface.
The moments of the appearance of spots (hair shirts of every 11 years) have been put in relation to planetary cataclysms, political, historical or social, epidemics, Indian famines, good for wine vintages, the large climate changes, the change in the sea ​​level, the production of the grain, the number of sick, etc.

The moon's rotation on itself lasts 29.53 days.
The moon deforms the oceans, the atmosphere (earth tides).
The Earth's magnetic field varies depending on the day of the lunar month.
The moon rules the female menstrual cycle.
The influence of the moon is cyclical and since the dawn of time, it imposes its rhythm to both the surface of the earth, both in the deepest of us.
The lunar cycles led to the creation of the calendar.
The new moon intensifies the positive air ionization and increases aggression in certain subjects psychopaths.
An ancestral notion acquired by experience, referring to the influence of the moon, is the sowing.

Radio astronomy has identified many other radiation from planets and stars (novae and supernovae), from nearby and distant galaxies, and by QUASAR PULSAR.

Each atom is formed from a positive electric charge core, around which gravitate housing to negative charge; in the absence of special circumstances the two polarities are balanced and the overall charge is therefore neutral.
In the city and in an environment polluted by smoke, smog, by gas, by water vapor in suspension, even in the presence of the same amount of oxygen, increase the positive ions, and therefore the air is unhealthy and harmful to health.
Even stagnant humidity generates in some places not ventilated, the increase in positive ions.
Some winds (FOEHN, SCIROCCO, Altano,) produce a de gasification of radioactive rocks, resulting in ion balance variation and onset of fatigue and irritability.
In the period of the equinoxes it appears to be broken air balance, bringing heaviness and fatigue.
Before It Starts a thunderstorm, the air contains positive ions causes a feeling of heaviness and fatigue, which will disappear when the lightning mottling the sky and fall the first drops, or when you reverse the polarity.
In medicine it is used to monotherapy.
In a highly ionized environment negatively, increased hunger and thirst, the excesses will hold up better, breast and sexual activities of animals are intensified.
An ionizer dissipates the effects of electrostatic charges of the building caused by the faraday cage.
A fountain in the vicinity of a building allows you to benefit from a natural ionization caused by the friction of the water droplets.
An aquarium in an environment produces positive ions, although perceived only in the immediate vicinity.

The earth is the negative reinforcement of a huge capacitor whose positive pole is the cosmos, and this generates above ground an electrical field whose gradient is 100 to 150 volts per vertical meter, plain and calm wind.
The man is therefore passed through by a current caused by the potential difference from 170 to 220 volts.
If you lie down it changes the electrical balance; all points of the body are subjected to a weak excitation.
The electric potential of the atmosphere increases with altitude and decreases with humidity.
It varies with the seasons, reaching the maximum in summer and varies depending on the time: it becomes intense to 20 (high blood pressure) and decreases at 4 am (blood pressure to a minimum), deep sleep period and the absence of insomnia.
The fauna and flora give us useful information about the nature of the charge of a soil.
In fact this is not always neutral.
Electric character POSITIVE – The heather, boxwood, Thuja, chickens, ducks, cats, partridges, dogs, hares;
Electric character NEGATIVE Snails, snails, salamanders, certain varieties of mallow;
Electric character NEUTRAL Holly, ferns, broom, asparagus, rabbits, mice, flies, ants.
The lightning rod is a good example of application of the rebalancing of the telluric and cosmic charges.
The negative terrestrial electricity, intercepted by a metal cable, go up along the walls of the building up to a long iron rod, culminating in a stainless tip, which offsets the positive atmospheric electricity excesses, avoiding the fall of lightning.
The tips in the roof parts (ears of the roof) rising towards the sky, condense atmospheric charges (electric, electromagnetic and other still unknown).
The ear emits the telluric charges and captures the cosmic.

Some synthetic materials, the proximity of a power plant, by a generator or power lines, nylon clothing, a long exposure in front of the TV, the polyester pillows, large glass surfaces, an electrically non-insulated circuit, produce an accumulation of electrostatic charges that cause sleep disorders, nervousness, aggression, hypertension, states of dejection and depression.

To avoid the phenomenon of Faraday the metal reinforcements in concrete cage are connected to one or more cables connected together and grounded always in the magnetic north.
The earthing should always be performed in the magnetic north.
The grounding can serve as emitter of harmful waves.
We must therefore install them outside the home, outdoors, provide it with a large metal shield non-ferrous, and plowed to a depth of about 1 ml; You must pay everything with the pond.

The magnetic field is generated by the rotation of the earth on itself and at the same time around the sun.
The entire surface of the globe is subjected to a magnetic field which adjust the magnetic pole moves slowly from year to year.
The intensity of the magnetic field varies from hour to hour.
One of the minimum values ​​is at 4 am, at which time they are won all insomnia.
Beets grow best when they are planted in the oriented north – south files.
The branches of trees grow in the direction east – west.
Elephants die looking westward.
A cow oriented to the east during the morning will give birth to a calf, if it is oriented to the west a calf.
The activity is favored along the east – west.
The rest is favored along the north – south axis.
The southern causes nervousness.
The east incites good mood.
The north calms nerves, headaches, appetite and promoting sleep.

Our planet behaves like the negative plate of immense capacitor, the other part of which, the cosmos, would the positive charge. This pair cosmos provokes a natural electromagnetic field whose point of origin is the center of the earth.
The man, with the development of new technologies has created a number of elements that combine to produce the harmful effects on health.
In the environment there are elements that produce electromagnetic fields (Electrical power lines, power lines, tram lines, and phone repeaters, transmission antennas, radars), which interfere with human health; live in the proximity of these elements are due to mild discomfort and, at times, even more serious diseases.
Inside of our homes, appliances we use, electrical and all the technological plants, produce electromagnetic fields with which man comes into contact every day.


The radioactivity of radon was discovered in 1898 by Di Marie Curie research.

Radon is a natural gas produced by the decay of uranium.

It is present in some of the subsurface rocks and is emitted upwards.

It can also be transported over long distances with respect to the place of origin by fluid elements and, therefore, it can also be found in aquifers.

Outside is clearly airborne while in the houses there is a risk that accumulations and its radioactivity has effects on human health; inhalation has the same effects that produce a lot of chest X-rays and increases the risk of lung cancer.

It is an odorless and colorless gas, for which not easily detectable if not with specific tools.

The emission of radon in the environment can be generated by some building materials, from drinking water, from the ground and from the subsoil.

From studies of rocks, radioactivity is greater in the pozzolan and peperino of Lazio, in the tuff of Campania and in the lava of Vesuvius, but, even if in small quantities, is also present in other rocks such as granite.

Even in the pozzolanic cement and blast furnace slag has been found the presence of this radioactive element, as well as in chemical gypsum and aluminum-containing clays.

The construction material containing radon, if used outside the home, have no effect on health.

Those most exposed to the effects of radon are definitely the miners, who have a greater potential to have lung cancers.

In the house of the radon it is resolved with technical devices trying to seal all walls especially in basements and in the cavities; the potentially radioactive materials, such as tuff, must be protected with suitable plaster.

We must create a natural internal ventilation and, where not possible, mechanical.

And 'possible to install the radon detectors, or check its presence through private specialized staff or employees from the local health authority.

They are the carrier waves which are called THISTLE (north to south) and DECUMANO (west to east), positioned at a distance of about 30.00 ml.
Decumanus was considered in ancient times as a generator of a DIVINE (force the hand of God).
The north-west south-east direction is beneficial
The south-west north-east is the negative direction
Here are the main sources of geopathogenic telluric origin:

Our planet behaves like PLATE NEGATIVE a huge capacitor, the other part of which, THE COSMOS, is positively charged.
This pair cosmos causes an electromagnetic field whose point of origin is at the center of the earth.
Every organism on earth is subject to cosmic or telluric influences that act by varying the pace and intensity of the electromagnetic field, due to the rotation of the Earth on itself and around the sun.
In the last century, various studies have led researchers to consider the possibility that some diseases could appear in connection with the dwelling place.
Dr. Ernst Hartamann University of Heidelberg (Germany) demonstrated, through various experiments, that the physical and mental health of man depended on the place where he lived and that certain diseases were caused by the existence of invisible noxious agents which affected substantially on health of people as those you are exposed for long periods (especially in the bedroom).
Hartman identified a network of beams of waves coming from the center of the earth that is developed by creating a lattice, apparently smooth, invisible walls that cover the entire earth's surface, passing through the land and homes, developing parallel to the edge of the biosphere . These walls, which have a thickness of about 21 cm is, they form a lattice of 2.00 ml in the north-south direction, and 2.50 ml in east-west direction.
These measures are not regular, may vary according to territorial, geological situations, the lunar phases, weather, climate, artificially produced electromagnetic fields, to cosmic radiation, the presence of iron structures. The size also varies depending on the geographical latitude closer to the poles the shirt shrinks and stretches.
These beams undergo thickness changes even during the hours of the day are amplified from midnight until two in the morning and from noon to two o'clock (it is no coincidence that the period of the night in this range is the most at risk of insomnia) .
The studies carried out by Hartmann, relating to the measurement of the magnetic field, have shown that there is a substantial difference between the area within the lattice, considered a neutral zone, the area occupied by invisible walls and the area of ​​intersection of these walls, called Hartmann's nodes, extremely harmful to human health.
The nodes you experience the SUCTIONING (clockwise direction -) and RELEASE (clockwise +) sense of energy, because then the reticle is in balance; the earth lives and these nodes can be assimilated to her breathing, one absorbs the other issues.
The prolonged stay in these points (called nodes H) generates a reduction of the immune defenses in man, and consequently a greater exposure to any kind of disease. It 'very important, therefore, having care to place at least the bed in neutral areas and assess whether other spaces, where we spend a lot of time (for example, our workstation), are in correspondence with these nodes.
The first symptoms that occur when we are influenced by geopathogenic zones, are headache, insomnia, fatigue, stress, tachycardia, difficulty concentrating, but prolonging the residence time at these points, you may experience more serious physical ailments.
And the mood is affected: many people become irritable, quarrelsome and aggressive, others depressed and torn down.

In 1952 the German Manfred Curry doctor discovered that in addition to the global network existed a network of polar fields placed in the north-west and north-east.
It 'a lattice placed diagonally with respect to that of Hartmann, with meshes of about 3.50 ml / 15,00, with the wall thickness up to 40 cm.

Discovered in 1953 by Anton Benker, it is a cubic system than inside it contains other systems.

The system consists of the thickness walls up to 1,00 ml of forming a mesh size of 10.00 x 10.00 ml oriented with north-south and east-west.

Unlike the Hartmann network, the network also contains Benker of superimposed horizontal planes of the thickness up to 1,00 ml positioned every 10.00 ml of height.

It is therefore obvious that also the horizontal planes, not present in the Hartmann network, produce interference in our physical.

In practice these plans could occupy the entire town plan

The cosmic and telluric causes of the effects of resonance and interference, from the soil surface to the upper atmosphere, forming an energy field that permeates everything, more or less active: plants, animals and humans.
The water molecule would act as a multiplier of the field produced by these interferences.
And 'why, although the water is the essential element for life on our planet, the presence of aquifers and water veins that run under our houses, but especially under our bed, are highly damaging to the health.
The underground water currents, circulating through the rocks, sands, gravels, causing a harmful current of electricity be found at the soil surface, the intensity of which it depends on the depth of the waterway (register influences up to a depth of approximately 300 ml).
It seems that the most dangerous underground rivers are those that flow from east to west. To get an idea of ​​the potential energy produced by water currents, considering that knows no obstacle, overcoming any insulating element, even lead to great resistance to X-rays and gamma rays.

The fault is a displacement of a rock mass which separates into two parts. If the separation takes place in a vertical gives rise to cracks, while if it occurs horizontally are created crevasses. The fault lines create an energy field disrupted the soil surface much stronger than that of underground streams. Their influence, however, is located, from a few centimeters up to a meter wide, and therefore usually regards specific points of the house, unlike the underground waterways that, most of the time, involving the entire house.

In addition to the discomfort and the physical sensations that an individual can perceive the presence of perturbing agents, there are also physical and environmental factors, which highlight the presence of geo-pathogenic effects. From a view of the environment to control one can see the plaster vertical cracks, the presence of moisture on the walls bands that indicate a water rising capillary action; the presence of molds in the walls or on the furniture. Even in the plant world and in that animal can note the presence of these perturbing elements.

The plant world
Plants that are located on a point geopatogeno become hollow, or tend to divert their upward climb developing obliquely. The plants incline their top as opposed to flowing with the vein. Growing are doubled into a double barrel. The tops of the fruit trees become dry. Also they have abnormalities in the trunk with bulging called "witch's broom" and have a noticeable proliferation of moss on the entire circumference of the trunk for several meters high.
The yellow bushes and most of the time they die. The fruit plants normally forking trunk, while those of flat located in disturbed areas usually turn yellow and wither, their flowering stops and parasites appear.
Normally they thrive in disturbed areas nettles.

The animal world
Many animal species can not bear disturbed areas; the dog, for example, carefully avoids these places, refusing to sleep in a kennel placed in geopathic area. If it is tied and is therefore forced to live in an area that is disturbed, in a matter of time, it will suffer damage to health (rheumatism, weakness, hair loss). E 'for this reason that the nomads, before laying their camp, carefully observe where they go to rest their dogs there and pitch their tents.
The farmers, some centuries ago, joined the use of dowsing to locate underground water, observation of the behavior of cattle to be certain not to build the stables in disturbed areas.

But not all animals avoid the geopathogenic zones. Some species, in fact, positively assimilate the effect of these areas, as the cat which, when resting, is positioned normally in correspondence of a node of Hartmann and it seems that, through the molten, succeeds in balancing its radiation. So it is good to be careful: if our cat sleeps on the bed, means that there is definitely an H node, and then it would be best to change position in bed.

Other animals such as owls, snakes, owls, beavers, ants and termites are placed at the nodes. Termites are positioned on at nodes of underground waterways and are a valuable clue to the African tribes when they want to dig their wells. The ant nests are almost always placed on nodes H; to abandon the nest by its inhabitants enough to build an iron cage in the shape of a pyramid and place it over the anthill, this creates the effect of the Faraday cage and in a few days the ants will abandon "their home". Even the bees react well to the pathogenic zones and placing a hive on an H node and is oriented towards the east, you get three times that amount of honey; it is still wise to move the hive at the end of the production period because bees are exhausted from too much effort and risk dying. On the contrary, the swallows suffer in arre perturbed. They build nests sorted and if this alignment is interrupted, means that there is definitely a node H.

very significant damage to human health are produced when a node H coincides with other geobiological pollution factors: underground streams, faults, fissures, metallic veins, mineral veins, of natural gas go up, inhomogeneity of the subsurface.

These overlap points are called nodes C (cancer nodes).

Other factors hazardous to health are produced by changes in the network that suffers due to various elements. In the presence of high voltage lines, for example, or of strong atmospheric depressions, the Hartmann network is deformed, amplifying and affecting several tens of meters.

It seems that the network is also deformed at the approach of an earthquake, dilating the walls up to about one meter thick. It is precisely for this reason that some species of animals, very sensitive to energy variations, are able to feel the imminence of an earthquake, leaving the place where it will manifest with hours to spare.

Even the texture of the soil will drastically affect the variation of the network, causing a greater or lesser absorption of short waves. The conductors soils (clay, marl, silt, iron ore, coal land, shale, etc.) are crossed by short wave for a distance less than the insulating soil (sand, sandstone, gypsum, limestone, crystalline rocks, gravel, land flood, etc.). In conductors land, the cosmic radiation absorption occurs at shallow depths. The waves are therefore reflected, causing induced currents that change the natural radiation field to the soil surface.



The geopatie, being produced by nature, have always existed since the Earth exists, but only in the last century have become study and research element, namely: now they have become dangerous to health?

Simple answer: a time our ancestors they perceived them, they had a feeling that modern man has forgotten and therefore did not build buildings in the disturbed areas, or rather, they were able to perceive them and avoid them.

Another consideration is that, in our age, the effect of geopathic points is added to a series of harmful artificial elements explained above, thus helping to worsen the state of our health.

The first symptoms that occur when we are influenced by geopathogenic zones, are headache, insomnia, fatigue, stress, tachycardia, difficulty concentrating, stomach and intestinal disorders, breathing difficulties, but by prolonging the residence time at these points is They may experience more serious physical ailments.

Many people become irritable, quarrelsome and aggressive, others depressed and torn down.

Even blood circulation is affected; the blood of a person who sleeps in a disturbed place is depolarized (electric), while that of a healthy person is magnetic (Dr Aschoff testing) and this phenomenon causes a feeling of cold.

Without the will to produce psychological terrorism, I think it is useful to consider carefully the presence of knots and especially the exposure time and permanence, as I believe that the presence of some of the nodes, for a reasonably short time, it is also good for health.

At the beginning of my experience divining, I happened to find in a home a point geopathic (node) at the lateral part of the existing bedding.

The owner of the house told me that on that point went to bed her child when she was ill and had a fever.

Riscontrava that, systematically, the next morning the girl's fever went down or disappeared; surely that node absolve its task of absorbing.