Everything is energy and movement.

The man is in a state of well-being when its energy level is in a state of equilibrium.

The environment or the house can be a place disharmonious that affects the physical health, psychological and spiritual life of those who live there.

Nature is perfect in all its forms and manifestations, but human intervention can also adversely affect the environment.

There are several ways to bring balance and harmony in the home and the environment, the first key element needed is you, with your thoughts, with your way of life, with your desire for change.

But the desire for change can not only cover the house and the environment, it would not be enough, however; the real change has to invest all your being, and must involve your physical, the mental and the spiritual.

The feng shui indicates different ways to change the energy of your home, some of which, according to our Western culture, perhaps picturesque, such as inserting chimes, fountains, symbols.

Another system is to rebalance with the four elements:

– SALT earth element linked to the problems PHYSICS

– LAUREL water element linked to EMOTIONAL problems

– THE OLIVE air element linked to MENTAL problems

– INCENSE The fire element linked to the SPIRITUAL problems

A tip to be applied before any other action is the so-called clean energy, which is to eliminate all that is unnecessary and not essential.

The concept that is the basis of this principle is that you have to give course to the flow of energy, which is constantly moving and constantly changing, and if your house is full of useless stuff, junk, there is no room to renew and change because everything is saturated.

Symbolically, but not too much, this concept represents and also indicates the path to do for our physical, mental and spiritual, that is, get rid of everything that binds us to the past to make way for a different future, free of ties and conditioning.

For example, if you have a closet full of clothes, if the shoes are filled up over the cabinets, the useless junk abound, images and objects that tie you to the past influence your present; get rid of it, do you place so that they can be created new spaces and new opportunities.

A reference to be taken into consideration is that if you do not use an object, a dress, a pair of shoes, more than a year, means that it is not essential to your life, so you can well do without and get rid of it.

In the Western world the deep cleaning during the Easter period, the throw objects with the arrival of the new year are nothing but energy cleaning.

The same tradition of the Easter blessing, belonging to the Catholic culture, is a purification and renewal.

An element of the country tradition, belonged to our grandparents, it was to put in a bowl of coarse sea salt, which was thrown out and changed every week.

The salt also serves to check the internal spaces that are more energetically destabilized.

Try to put three grains of coarse sea salt in every corner of every room of your home.

The next day verifying the transformation that has taken place and if it has remained unchanged all is well, but if in some corners of the salt is graying means that the point is not in the energy balance.

Even though in some places the salt melts, it means that your home has definitely need a energy balancing.

Over the last few years we have developed many other methods tending to energy balance of the environment, the protection of the influence of electromagnetic fields and disturbing elements such as geopatie.

A system that I apply and experiment, with good results, is the use of cards containing magnets and loaded with some frequency vibrational energy, you can rebalance the rooms, houses and even outdoor spaces.

These cards or boards, some of which are specific to certain uses, intervene to modify, reduce, and sometimes cancel, the effects due to electromagnetic fields and geopathic.