The instrument to measure the energy

Life is a continuous vibration of energy, though the energy ceases life ceases.

Some scholars believe that death is only the absence of vital energy.

In the last century the French researcher Alfred Bovis (1871 – 1947), helped by another researcher Ing. Andrè Simoneton, has studied a method of calculating the energy of man and the environment, consisting of a table of measurement of the wavelength of vital energy, which is called Biometer Bovis.

The vital vibrations are measured, by means of their wavelength, in Aengstroem (1 aengstroem = 10 millionths of a millimeter).

The table shows the values ​​in Bovis: a unit corresponds to a aengstroem.

This table has been officially recognized and therefore is applied by all operators in the field of dowsing.

The benchmark index to indicate that a man or a place is healthy is 6,500 bovis, below this value there is a loss of energy and thus spread the disease; above this value, up to about 10,000 Bovis there is a surge of energy that can create an altered state of mind, and especially from the emotional point of view, while over those values ​​you enter into other dimensions that affect the mental state.


The table is divided into four sectors:

The first sector is from 0 to 10,000 Bovis corresponds to the vibration to the physical state;
The second area ranges from 10,000 to 13,500 Bovis, and you enter the field of the etheric body.
The third is from 13,500 to 18,000 Bovis who belongs to the astral plane. Sites with this energy value are those of the sanctuaries and the so-called high places.
The fourth that goes from 18,000 to 30,000 and beyond, is the energy of the spirit world; There are places of initiation, the so-called Earth Chakra.
Therefore the first area is the physical energy, the second the etheric or auric energy, while in the third and fourth field you enter the spiritual energy.

Some buildings in the world, including the pyramids, have a high energy level and may have been built for this purpose.

The measurement of the energy level of a person, an animal, of a place or an object, through the Bovis scale, is carried out with radiestetici methods.