The word energy comes from the greek and means strength in action.

In physics there are many definitions that indicate a particular aspect of the energy, from that which is the kinetic energy due to the movement, to the gravitational pull is subject to the law of gravity, others like the electrical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, nuclear, etc., that represent other levels.

When it comes to physical energy it means that produced by the cells of the human body that is powered by the nourishment of the body; of all the energy we can benefit from the effects, but certainly we can not see them.

In fact everything is energy, and studies of Albert Einstain and quantum physics help us to understand this fact.

The vital energy or subtle energy

There is one aspect that has contributed in a decisive way, in the Western world, to revolutionize the conception of human life in key energy, that is the awareness that there is another type of energy, that vital.

In the world this type of energy is called in various ways:

    In India it is called Prana
About China
Japan Ki
Greece Pneuma
Polynesia Mana
In ancient Rome Genius Loci

The vital energy is the force that holds the whole universe, permeates all organisms, is not visible, but can be perceived in the body as a small electrical vibration, or warning of hot or cold sensations on the skin without the temperature varying.

It is the linking element that binds the subject to the principle of consciousness, while man is the conjunction between the body and the psyche.

In 1907 he exhibited for the first time Einstein's famous equation that establishes the equivalence between mass and energy, theoretical basis of all research in the field of nuclear energy.

E = M C²

This is the famous formula Eistain, where E is energy, M is the mass and C the speed of light (300,000 km per second).

This means clearly that mass is made up of energy, so what we consider mass and we see it as a static element, it is actually something in slow motion, or anything that vibrates.

Einstein has always asserted that the ether is to the space existing between the various particles of each atom (everything is composed of atoms), and the mass of each atom is formed by more than 99% by empty space; this space which was thought empty, is instead filled by an energy field that combines the atoms in a natural way.

This force obeys laws that have not yet been discovered, but it is thought the existence of an intelligence that governs it.

Rubia The scientist said: "Man is made up of energy and matter that is seen is one billionth of reality, that there is more empty than full."

The key concept to understand, is that matter and energy are the same thing, it just changes the state of aggregation of the particles and the vibration level of the same.

 The energies in man

The man is the connecting element between cosmic energy and that are on earth.

Our body, as all the electric fields, is formed from two polarities: the one at the level of the head is negative (female) and is in contact with the cosmic energy that has a positive polarity (male), and that of the lower part of the our body is rather positive (male) and is in contact with the Earth's energy has a negative (female).


The man polarities

equilibrium diagram according to Chinese Vision


Man is therefore an antenna that emits and receives, and is in continuous interaction with the universe around him.

Everything that is alive (plant, animal, mineral, men) emits electromagnetic vibrations in all directions.

It is thus clear that the energy with which we come into contact and influence also affect our emotional state.

The oriental disciplines represent well these energies of our body, calling the terms Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy).

The energies of the environment

The land is like the human body, inside flow of energy such as blood flows in our veins.

The two fundamental energies of the environment are those cosmic or telluric or the sky and the earth, which are of opposite polarity.

The movement of these energies is circular and in their scroll create the shape of the spiral.

The man, being an antenna, is in a state of well-being when the ratio of its vibration energy is in equilibrium with respect to that of the earth.